Uaw Fca 2019 Contract

The UAW (United Auto Workers) FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) 2019 Contract: What You Need to Know

The automotive industry has been a key player in the economy of the United States for decades. The UAW is the union that represents workers in the auto industry, and they negotiate contracts with the major auto manufacturers every few years. The UAW-FCA contract for 2019 has been heavily anticipated and has generated a lot of interest from both workers and industry experts. Here are some of the key points you need to know about the UAW-FCA contract for 2019.

Wages and Bonuses

One of the most important aspects of any contract negotiation is wages and bonuses. In the case of the UAW-FCA contract for 2019, workers will receive a signing bonus of $9,000 for full-time employees and $3,500 for temporary employees. In addition, there will be a 3% raise for workers in the second and fourth years of the contract. Overall, this is a significant increase in compensation for UAW-FCA workers.


Another important aspect of any employee contract is healthcare benefits. UAW-FCA workers will see a significant reduction in healthcare expenses under the 2019 contract. The co-pay for doctor visits will be reduced to $15, and the yearly maximum out-of-pocket cost will be reduced by $500 for each employee. These changes will make healthcare more affordable for UAW-FCA workers and their families.

Job Security

Job security is always a concern for workers in industries that are subject to economic fluctuations. Under the 2019 UAW-FCA contract, there are several provisions that protect workers` jobs. One major provision is that FCA has committed to investing $4.5 billion in U.S. plants, which will create 7,900 new jobs. In addition, there will be a $1.5 billion investment in the Mack Avenue Engine Complex in Detroit, which will create over 3,000 jobs. These investments will ensure that workers have job security for the duration of the contract.

Other Benefits

The UAW-FCA contract for 2019 includes several other benefits for workers. One key benefit is that temporary workers will have a clearer path to full-time employment. There will be a cap on the number of temporary workers that can be employed, and after three years of continuous employment, temporary workers will be eligible for full-time employment. In addition, there will be an increase in paid time off for workers, and there will be changes to the attendance policy to make it more equitable for workers.


The UAW-FCA 2019 contract is an important milestone for workers in the automotive industry. It provides significant benefits and protections for workers, including increased wages, improved healthcare benefits, and job security. Overall, the contract is a win for workers and demonstrates the importance of collective bargaining in protecting the rights and benefits of workers.