Subject Verb Agreement Exercise Esl

Subject-verb agreement is a fundamental concept in the English language that ESL learners must master to communicate effectively. Correct subject-verb agreement ensures that the subject and verb in a sentence match in number and person, making sentences grammatically correct and easier to understand.

Below are some exercises that ESL learners can use to improve their subject-verb agreement skills.

Exercise 1: Basic Subject-Verb Agreement

In this exercise, identify the correct verb form that agrees with the subject. For example:

1. The cat _________ on the roof.

a. is

b. are

c. were

The correct answer is `is` because `cat` is a singular subject and requires the singular verb `is.`

Practice the following sentences to improve your basic subject-verb agreement:

1. The birds __________ in the trees.

2. The flowers __________ in the garden.

3. The students __________ in the classroom.

4. The book __________ on the shelf.

5. The cars __________ in the parking lot.

Exercise 2: Tricky Subject-Verb Agreement

This exercise focuses on tricky subject-verb agreement cases. For example:

1. Neither the teacher nor the students _____ the answer.

a. knows

b. know

c. knowing

The correct answer is `know` because `teacher` and `students` are plural, and `neither…nor` requires the plural verb `know.`

Practice the following sentences to improve your tricky subject-verb agreement:

1. The committee __________ decided on the issue.

2. The group of students __________ going on a field trip.

3. The percentage of voters who __________ declined in recent years.

4. The number of tourists __________ increasing every year.

5. The list of items to be discussed __________ on the agenda.

Exercise 3: Indefinite Pronouns

This exercise focuses on subject-verb agreement with indefinite pronouns. For example:

1. Each of the students _____ a different opinion.

a. have

b. has

c. having

The correct answer is `has` because `each` is an indefinite pronoun that requires a singular verb.

Practice the following sentences to improve your indefinite pronoun subject-verb agreement:

1. Someone __________ the doorbell.

2. Everybody __________ their own opinion.

3. Anybody __________ to attend the meeting.

4. Many __________ to travel during the holidays.

5. None of the students __________ the correct answer.

In conclusion, mastering subject-verb agreement is essential for ESL learners as it allows them to communicate effectively in English. These exercises can help improve subject-verb agreement skills and build confidence in writing and speaking English. Practice consistently, and soon enough, you`ll be communicating like a pro!